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  • Guident and Perrone Robotics gave fully autonomous rides with an extra safety layer to The Broken Sound Country Club (BSCC) members 
  • Guident is extending the electric vehicle (EV) range as you drive with the Regenerative Shock Absorber (RSA)
  • Guident participated in the Lake Nona Verizon Innovation Hub with Perrone Robotics showcasing precision-guided self-navigation
  • The National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) presented Guident to prospective investors and financing partners in Hollywood, Florida
  • Guident will be at MOVE: Mobility Re-imagined on September 27-28 in Austin, Texas

Remote Monitor and Control Center


Going fully autonomous in the Broken Sound Country Club, Boca Raton

On September 9th, Perrone Robotics’ autonomous vehicles with Guident’s remote monitor and control center provided autonomous rides to the club members around the villages of Broken Sound to the club’s Moonstone Cafe, fitness center, tennis courts and spa. This was an exciting milestone embracing technology with an extra safety layer and convenience to move around more quickly in the club. 

Regenerative Shock Absorber


Extending the electric vehicle range with every mile you drive

Guident’s Regenerative Shock Absorber deploys an innovative patented approach to convert a vehicle’s motion into electrical energy for extending the EV range. This month we evaluated real-world conditions in our testing lab in Boca Raton. With precise force and displacement measurements, we aim to demonstrate the advantages of the modern energy-harvesting shock absorber over traditional oil-filled shock absorbers. 

Verizon Innovation Hub in Lake Nona


Guident participated at The Verizon Innovation Hub in Lake Nona in support of its strategic partner Perrone Robotics

Perrone demonstrated the TONY autonomous vehicle system riding around town with Verizon’s hyper-precise location using real-time kinematics (RTK). Learn more about the autonomous transit vans in Lake Nona creating zero-emission and ADA-compliant mobility here

The National Investment Banking Association presents Guident to investors

Guident presented the market opportunities and how to make AVs safer with its patented remote monitor and control center (RMCC) platform and AI human-in-the-loop platform. The response was overwhelming and led to discussions with interested investment professionals. NIBA hosted 250+ participants in Hollywood, Florida and its network has raised over $30 billion, accounting for 90% of all IPOs under $20 million.  

Guident is attending MOVE: Mobility Re-imagined on September 27-28 in Austin, Texas

Guident will be in stand 105 at the world’s number one tech mobility and start-up show, MOVE America. We look forward to meeting you! Schedule a time to talk with Fabio Tylim, VP of Business Development, and discuss how we use our patented teleoperation and remote monitoring assistance services for AVs to enhance their safety.

MOVE America

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