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July 28, 2021, Boca Raton, Florida: Guident Corp’s Executive Chairman, Harald Braun has co-authored a new book called “Telecom Extreme Transformation,” in which he describes the next transformation of the telecommunication network that necessitates Communication Service Providers (CSPs) evolving into Digital Service Provider (DSP) to remain relevant. In this DSP world, with billions of sensors and IoT connected deviceslike Autonomous Vehicles, network requirements must achieve a significant uplift in speed, bandwidth, and reliability to be useful. For Guident, the developer of software for the monitoring and control of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and delivery robots, secure and safe connectivity with low latency is one of those key requirements.

In the rapidly approaching Internet-of-Vehicles (IoV) world, the use of sensors, software, and other technologies to facilitate exchanging data between all types of vehicles via the Internet, promises to revolutionize the Automotive and Telecommunication sectors. Guident’s remote-control robotics software is at the intersection of these industries. 

Telcom Extreme Transformation has been rated as one of the best technology books of 2021. For more information click here. Video link: Click Here.

“The thought leadership of Harald Braun and his co-authors is evident as they deftly describe the coming vehicle telecommunications revolution,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, at TMC.

The Market

As of 2018, there were 119 million connected cars on the road. However, this number is expected to increase almost three-fold by 2023, reaching 353 million units. (Statista). Global sales of connected cars with embedded telematics reached approximately 28.5 million units in 2019. According to Triton Market Research “the last mile AV delivery market autonomous vehicle market is expected to reach $41.7 billion by 2028 with a CAGR of 19%. Contactless or “touch-free” delivery is in high-demand since the COVID 19 pandemic and Guident believes this increased demand will accelerate the roll-out of land-based delivery devices for food and medicines to improve their availability and reduce the costs of these deliveries.

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