Unleash the potential of every jolt with ReViVe’s Energy Harvesting solution, powerfully transforming every movement into energy injection for your car’s battery – welcome to sustainable driving!

Our Patented Technology

Our Approach & Solution

At ReViVe we revolutionize the way you perceive energy efficiency with our innovative Energy Harvesting Shock Absorbers. Imagine every bump or pothole on the road turning into a power source for your car’s battery- that’s exactly what our product does. By harnessing the kinetic energy that is often wasted in standard shock absorbers, we convert each jolt and jerk into a jolt of power for your car’s battery. Get ready to redefine your drive with ReViVe, where bumpy roads lead to a smoother, energy-rich ride!

Energy on the Move

We believe in a future where every vehicle is a powerhouse of efficiency, blending regenerative brakes with the added dynamism of regenerative shock absorbers. This synergy of these technologies will redefine efficiency in motion, propelling us towards emission-free energy and a more dynamic driving experience.

Drive The Charge

Drive the charge and embrace sustainability with our regenerative shock absorbers. Designed to boost your EV’s driving range by up to 4%, it’s energy in motion. Every shock is a chance to recharge, ensuring that each mile not only takes you further but also contributes to a more sustainable journey. Drive greener, drive smarter, drive the future.

Adaptive Suspension At Your Fingertips

Beyond energy regeneration, our shock absorbers are designed for the modern driver. The patented controller offers real-time feedback from the road and the vehicle’s motion, intelligently adjusting the suspension mode. Drive with confidence, knowing you’re in control of every aspect of your journey.

Sustainably Extending Ranges

Our patented energy harvesting solution is a game-changer in sustainable driving. Harnessing the power of every journey, it optimizes clean, emission-free energy, unlocking new possibilities in vehicular efficiency and ecological care. Dive into an innovative driving experience that nurtures the planet with every mile.

Optimize Sustainability

Clean, emission-free energy harvesting

Harvest Free Energy

Boost your range with up to 500 free miles annually.

IP Protected

Our Patented MMR and controller are solutions to propel the future.

Harness Road Vibrations

Every bump and undulation on the road isn’t just a challenge; it’s an opportunity.

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