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  • YahooFinance: Guident Selected to Provide Autonomous Shuttle Services
  • Guident Files its 9th Patent
  • Brightline Boca Raton Station Ribbon Cutting
  • Refresh Miami: Guident is Making Autonomous Vehicles Safer
  • The Wall Street Journal: Autonomy Will Need a Human Minder 
  • Guident at CES in Las Vegas and MWC in Barcelona, Spain

Remote Monitor and Control Center

Press Releases

Guident Selected to Provide Autonomous Shuttle Services

In our press release via Yahoo Finance, “Guident has been selected by Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRiC) to provide an autonomous shuttle service for a 2.1-mile fixed route with eleven stops within BRiC and connecting to the Boca Raton Tri-Rail station, the most frequented station in South Florida.”

Guident Files its 9th Patent 

Guident is pleased to announce that it has filed U.S. patent application #18/068,976 on the ability to add a variable damping controller in Guident’s regenerative shock absorbers. This innovative solution could afford energy regeneration while simultaneously choosing the feel of your vehicle’s suspension, providing the benefits of both worlds.

Brightline Boca Raton Station: Ribbon Cutting

On Tuesday December 20th, Guident attended the launch of the newest Boca Raton Brightline Station. The new benchmark for travel is experiencing mobility as a platform and modern, eco-friendly, guest-first experiences. Service began on December 21st connecting to Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, with expected future service to Orlando and Tampa.

Guident is Making Autonomous Vehicles Safer With A Human Touch

In Refresh Miami’s interview with Guident’s CEO, Harald Braun, “think of it as an air traffic control tower, Guident’s human remote control operators can help autonomous vehicles deal with difficult edge cases that software can not yet solve.”  

The Wall Street Journal “Why Self Driving Vehicles Will Still Need a Human Minder”

The WSJ says the “Development of autonomous technologies is attracting billions of dollars, but industry executives say remote operators will likely always be needed.” The ratio of one remote supervisor to many autonomous devices improves efficiency and helps autonomous machines better deal in a human world with multiple elements.

Guident is attending CES on January 5-8 in Las Vegas, NV

We look forward to participating with the world’s most disruptive innovators in the autonomous driving industry at CES.

Guident will participate at MWC on February 27- March 2 in Barcelona

Smart mobility belongs at MWC. It’s not called the industry’s most influential connectivity event for nothing!
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