Seamless Integration

Software Modules

The Remote Control Operator (RCO) applies TaaS software modules for the remote monitor and control of multiple AV fleet types.

Patented Technology

Patented Ultra-Low Latency Video Streaming

Guident’s patented teleoperation video streaming platform provides the lowest camera to RCO monitor (glass-to-glass) latency.

Redundant Multi-Network Connectivity

Space and 4G/5G Mobile Networks

Guident’s RMCC is the only teleoperation solution to offer access to terrestrial and non-terrestrial wireless networks for autonomous vehicles and robots. The multi-network wireless access key benefits include:

  • Ubiquitous, always-on remote connectivity
  • Teleoperation over interchangeable mobile wireless or satellite networks
  • Addresses the issues of weak or nonexistent mobile network coverage
  • Guarantees bandwidth to comply with teleoperation safety standards
  • Indoor and outdoor wireless network access

Guident provides a variety of connectivity options to meet the demands of the operational domain. Our connectivity options include private and public wireless networks, and satellite communications. 

Today’s public wireless network connectivity is not sufficient to achieve a secure, redundant, and reliable network connectivity for AV teleoperations. Guident’s private wireless network combined with public mobile networks and satellite communications guarantees coverage, high-speed bandwidth and availability. 

Bringing the Human Touch

Guident complies with country and state AV regulatory requirements for deployments in public roads without a safety driver. Guident’s RMCC achieves compliance through the RCO and three TaaS modules: remote monitoring, remote control and multimedia passenger assistance. 

Remote Monitoring

Passenger Assistance

Remote Control and Assistance

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